Around this time last year, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, revealed that it was working on another AR mobile game set in the world of Harry Potter called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. After that, though, there had not been much information about this mysterious project, until last week. On November 14, Niantic finally published a teaser for Wizards Unite, which gives us a first taste of what the game will be like.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Teaser

Co-created by WB Games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality (AR) game on mobile with gameplay mechanics similar to Pokémon Go. According to the developers, players will have to explore the real, physical world to get to the bottom of a great mystery. Throughout the process, they will learn to cast several spells and have the chance to encounter mythical beasts as well as iconic characters of J.K.Rowling’s magical world.

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The teaser trailer does not show any actual in-game footage. Instead, it exaggerates the gameplay experience, just like the Pokémon Go trailer did. In the trailer, we can see a girl Apparating (teleporting using a spell) into an empty alley to catch a Golden Snitch, which has no business being in the world of the Muggles. Before teleporting away again, she uses a spell to put a (presumably magical) poster on the alley’s wall, which warns that the Wizarding World is in danger of being exposed and calls for witches and wizards to unite.

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From this, it can be speculated that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to focus on the concept of capturing magical objects and possibly even creatures and taking them back to the Wizarding World, by force if necessary, before the Muggles notice them. It seems the players will take the roles of witches and wizards who are participating in this grand hunt, with the ultimate goal of maintaining the secrecy of magic.

Still, Warner Bros. and Niantic haven't announced a specific release date for this upcoming game yet. It was originally intended to come out in 2018, but now the teaser has said that the release date will be pushed back to 2019.