Remember Braveland, the fantasy tactical-RPG? Well, Tortuga Team, the team behind its success is back with a brand-new sci-fi adventure of Spaceland.

Let's get to know the team of Terra, the medic and engineer; Barrett, the gunslinger of the team, alongside Jim, our scout. Each and everyone of them has a unique background, set of abilities as well as special skills.

Say hi to your team of Space Rangers in Spaceland.

Check out the announce trailer of the game as below:

Gameplay overview

Spaceland lets you lead a band of space heroes, explore worlds and fight against space threats, using both wits and weapons! Tortuga Team has been quite success with Braveland and now, people are setting high expectations for Spaceland.

In Spaceland, you'll encounter crazy aliens in a dangerously crazy world.

In reality, the game concept sounds amazing, as you and your Space Rangers team embark on an alien world exploration, defeat aliens and monsters through turns of combat. Aside from shooting, kicking, blasting and crushing, try to outsmart your foes would also help too!

Special features

Spaceland features turn-based combat mechanics.

  • An Old-School Genre: Classic titles like Laser Squad, X-COM Incubation really inspired Spaceland. As a result, the sci-fi adventure title offers a familiar playstyle, yet exciting enough to keep you playing.
  • Fast & Furious: Battles of fast pace and full of actions. Each match lasts between 10 to 15 minutes, which is perfectly adequate.
  • Heating Things Up: Get yourself familiar with epic weapons from the future like the Dash Thrusters, Mines, Teleporters, Grenades and Power Shields! Scavenge the hostile surroundings to search for ammo and equipment. They are scarce and dangerous to put your hands on.
  • Explore and Execute: Discover the world of mass aliens, unlock new data to expand your understanding about them. These knowledge will help you defeat them one way or another.
  • Monstrous encounters: Prepare to face epic alien lifeforms with superior strength, speed and armor. Your wits come into work here and it’s your job to find out which fighting tactics to defeat which foes.