In E3 Nintendo's Direct presentation, Paradox Interactive has joined hands with Romero Games to announce a brand new title: Empire of Sin.

You can watch the trailer here to visualize the mafia world of the game:

A game taking the setting of the underused Mafia world

Paradox Interactive has primed "Empire of Sin" as a "character-driven strategy game set in 1920s Chicago."

In the game, players are brought back to the 1920s' era of Chicago, amidst the "ruthless criminal underworld". You'll be the head of one of the mafia families, trying to surpass the others and achieve the utter domination.

The 1920's Chicago saw a lot of casinos
The 1920's Chicago saw a lot of casinos

But don't sleep on your victory, as the other families are having the same dreams as you. Once you made your way to the top, you'll have to give everything you have to stay there.

At first, you have to choose your favorite territories (such as the out-of-law bars or casinos). What you have to do is protect your land at any cost while further expand it as much as possible. However, your rivals won't let that be easy, so the gunfights and takeovers are inevitable.

It can't be a mafia world without gun-slingings
It can't be a mafia world without gun-slinging

Carefully planning your war, and precisely manage your business is the key to lead you to the top pile of the Mafia world.

With Empire of Sin, organized crime is a busy business!

What can you do in Empire of Sin?

The settings of 1920's Chicago was very carefully designed by the developers. Through the trailer, you can see many icons of the era, including casinos, speakeasies, and distilleries. The music also adds the historical-noir vibe as well, bringing the tensive atmosphere to the game.

The Prohibition-era is the setting in Empire of Sin
The Prohibition-era is the setting in Empire of Sin

At first, players can choose one from reportedly 14 mafia clans. After that, you'll receive a map with colored codes for which areas you owned, and which belongs to the other families. Your objective will be to expand your empire by taking over every illegal business from the others. And when I said "take over", it means that you'll have to do it violently.

That's where the XCOM strategy elements kick in. As you're the head of the clan, you'll have to command your subordinate strategically to win the gunfights.

The fight will be turn-based, and you are in command at the top-down perspective. Decide to arrange your gunner for certain purposes, such as taking cover or flanking enemies.

That's what the control will look like
That's what the control will look like

Every move will consume movement points, which you can estimate the rate of success with a percentage number shown on the screen. Deciding where to spend your money tactically will lead you to the final victory.

Of course, in such a brutal world, knowing how to survive is also very crucial. Consequently, violence is an answer, but not always a suitable one. You can also reach your objectives through much more peaceful ways - schmoozing or bribing your opponents.

Making a deal with other bosses works, too!
Making a deal with other bosses works, too!

But if they don't cooperate with you? Then you know that's the time for guns to talk.

Once you've won the battle, you'll take control of the territories. But the work hasn't done yet! You'll have to invest money and people to maintain your newly acquired illegal business as well. Meeting customers, redecorating your bars, making deals with liquor providers, those are the works waiting for you to complete.

Running a business is never easy. Especially with illegal business in the underworld!

Release date and supported platforms

“Empire of Sin” is planned for a tentative spring 2020 release. At first, the developers only intended to bring the game to Nintendo Switch.

However, Paradox Interactive joined the process and succeeded to release the game to PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well.

The information about the price and releasing storefronts will come later, so stay tuned!