Recently, at E3 PC Gaming Show, the developers Coffee Stain and Lavapotion Games have released an announcement of its upcoming adventure strategy title - Songs Of Conquest. The announcement also comes with a trailer, which you can take a look of in the video below:

Songs Of Conquest is the love letter to the timeless strategy titles

Songs of Conquest is a new turn-based adventure strategy game, which takes the inspiration from the classic titles in 1996 - Heroes of Might and Magic II (HOMM for short).

Songs Of Conquest Strategy Games Out In Late 2020
Bringing back the vibes of Heroes of Might and Magic II

According to the developers, the pixelated game will focus on two main features at the same time: control your heroes and construct your cities.

To be more specific, with Songs of Conquests, you'll have to command troops consists of mighty magicians called "wielders". The wielders troops will have different jobs, including joining combats and exploring the world. In combats, the wielders together will create the force called ‘the essence’, which allows you to cast spells.

Forge suitable troops of
Forge suitable troops of "wielders" for each quest

It's the unique part of the game, which plays an important part in the gameplay. For example, if you want to create obstacles to defend your cities, you'll have to combine certain engineering wielders to cast the construction spells.

The second quest of the game is to construct your cities. The game doesn't include solely combats, it also requires you build up your kingdom as well! Consequently, you'll have to carefully pick out your enemies, defeat them and further develop your cities. And to do this, your wielders is very crucial, as they will help you finding treasure and fulfilling quests.

Use wielders to further conquer the land and build up your kingdom!
Use wielders to further conquer the land and build up your kingdom!

With that being said, you'll have to find balance in both upgrading your cities and your wielders. This means it will take you tons of hours grinding, and you'll enjoy it as well!

When it was out?

Songs of Conquest doesn't have its official release date yet, but the developers have confirmed that it will come out in late 2020.

That's such a long time to wait, but player feeling excited in the game can sign up for alpha testing now. All you need to do is head to its official website, fill in your email and wait for further updates from the publisher!

Songs of Conquest
Alpha testing is available to sign-up now!

Let's see what nostalgic songs of the epic strategy titles sound like!