VLG Publishing has announced Dry Drowning, a psychological investigative visual novel. The game is currently being developed at Studio V in Italian.

Set in a futuristic dystopian city of Nova Polemos, the game challenge the player to find the truth in absurd cases. As an investigative thriller-oriented game, players will have to go through muddy characters, riddles, clue, and unpredictable events.

The story is mature and compelling, involving a shady political case, a serial killer who is taking advantage of this chaos, a detective who is haunted by his past. The old rule of right and wrong is no longer apply to this city anymore.

The game will make players do things they don't want to. No, you are not a hero in this game, you will have to look into a case of murdering and defend a suspect who is clearly a bad guy. You will have to live in a world where common sense does not exist. And, the combination of all those things is what makes the game unique and creates a well-told story.

Dry Drowning Screen
You will encounter all kind of people

Dry Drowning features multiple endings and up to 150 story branches, which means every choice you make will leave a consequence, either good or bad. The relationships between characters and the environment in the game are also affected by these choices.

Like a real detective, you will have to learn about everything, the Nova Polemos city, the people who live in it through conversations, clues, and biographies. Not everyone will cooperate with you, so you will have to unmask them on your own using flashbacks and past cases.

Dry Drowning will be on PC this August

The graphics in the game have a perfect mix of both Western and Eastern art style along with perfect lighting that highlights the grim futuristic setting.

Dry Drowning will be released on August 2, 2019, on PC while the Xbox One version will arrive in 2020. You can check out the game on Steam here.