Children of Morta is an RPG adventure game that focuses on things we usually avoid mentioning like love, hope, loss, and sacrifice. Although the game is set in a strange world, it's also very close to our daily lives at the same time.

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Children of Morta is a game about family

Children of Morta tell a story about the Bergson family, an extraordinary family of heroes. The world is being plagued by the Corruption. As the guardians of the Mountain Morta, the family will have to put themselves out there to prevent the ancient evil. The plot sounds pretty common, and the developer of the game, Dead Mage, admitted it. However, as I mentioned above, this game is not about heroes saving the world, it's about a brave family standing strong together in a hard time.

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Each character will have a different attack style

Children of Morta uses a pixelated art style that will remind you of a time when RPG games were all about a compelling story. Each character will have different backgrounds, combat styles, and skills that match their personality. For instance, the eldest daughter prefers using a bow while the father prefers using a sword to crush enemies. The top-down action hack n’ slasher, skill trees, and item system in Children of Morta are pretty standard among RPG games. There are a total of 6 playable characters which will be unlocked throughout the game. On the journey to save the world, you will witness their hardship and growth as a family when they sacrifice for each other.

As the world is ruined by the Corruption, it changes constantly, making every play session unique. Also, your character cannot die and they will be teleported home instead.

The game was first planned for a summer release for PC and consoles, but the studio delayed it to October 2019. Children of Morta is available now on Steam for pre-order at $19.79.