In Minit, you will be struggling with your own life where you only have 60 seconds to live. The question of where to go, what to do is always an obsession. But no matter what action you decided to take, after only a minute of living, you will die and then time will revert to the very beginning of the day. Life will start over as nothing happened, but you remember everything...

What would you do if your life will end in 60 seconds?

This unique adventure game is hitting mobile platforms on June 27, that is, today.

Developers of Minit wanted to deliver a pixel adventure title in an old-school style. With the black and white graphic design, Minit seems to absolutely fit with the exciting twist included in its storyline.

Into the game, you will have control over an average character who stumbles upon a cursed sword. From that moment, that character will drop dead and wake up at his home every time a minute passed. Your mission is finding a way to break the curse by exploring the surrounding environment in sixty-second intervals.

Choose your objective wisely, because you only have a minute before you drop dead and wake up at home again as if nothing has happened

Each time you end up at your house, almost everything in the outside world get back to their original state when the day starts. So keeping track of your finished or unfinished activities is key in Minit.

However, you will be able to keep your items and accomplished quests. They are necessary if you want to discover the cursed sword's mystery.

Sounds interesting, right? This game is kinda a must-try experience for those who are in love with black-and-white pixel-art adventure games. With a price tag of $3.99 (Rs 275), the game is available today on the both the App Store and Google Play.