Developer 10tons is one that has had a very long history in the video games industry. They began making games for PC over 15 years ago and, ever since the dawn of mobile gaming, they’ve remained a mainstay on basically every mobile platform.

Over the past decade, 10tons have launched tons of mobile games that spread across several genres. However, the studio is most known for their outstanding dual-stick shooters such as their classic debut Crimsonland or the quirky Tesla vs. Lovecraft, which we reported on earlier.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Cover
Check out Tesla Vs Lovecraft, an awesome dual-stick shooter that we reported on earlier

While 10tons have been putting more focus on PC and consoles recently, they’ve not neglected mobile, and more often than not their PC and console titles end up making their way to mobile at some point. Undead Horde is the latest example of this. According to a recent announcement from 10tons, this new game – which launched on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch just last month – is getting a mobile port sometime this fall. First, check out the trailer for the game below for an idea of what it’s like:

So as you can see from the trailer, Undead Horde is kind of a mix between a real-time strategy and an action RPG. You’ll become a Necromancer who has the ability to summon legions of undead minions to carry out your biddings (which explains the game’s title). You yourself are a force to be reckoned with as well, as the game provides you with a huge collection of cool weapons and gear to wreck your enemies.  And of course, being a Necromancer, you can resurrect vanquished foes (sort of) to serve you.

Undead Horde
Become a powerful Necromancer and summon the undead to serve you

So far, Undead Horde has been quite well-received on other platforms, receiving 89% positive reviews on Steam, so it’s mobile version is one you might want to keep an eye out for. From what we’ve seen, the experience translates pretty well to a mobile device. You’ll get a simple set of onscreen buttons as well as a virtual joystick for the controls, and the graphics still look similar to the PC version. Watch this sneak peek below to see for yourself.

There is no specific release date for Undead Horde mobile at the moment, but as we mentioned before, it will be coming this fall, so stay tuned for more updates.