Originally launched on PC and consoles back in 2018, the top-down shooter game Tesla vs Lovecraft has now made its way to Android. As the title implies, the game uses a nightmarish setting similar to what you’d expect from a Lovecraft novel. However, to keep things fresh, the developer has decided to integrate a bit of Nikola Tesla science into that world, resulting in a pretty unique experience and some satisfying hi-tech shooting action.

Tesla vs Lovecraft Trailer

In Tesla vs Lovecraft, you'll control the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, who has somehow angered the supernatural monsters of the renowned horror author H.P. Lovecraft. Now, Tesla has to make use of his scientific knowledge and hi-tech weapons to overcome these monsters. The main campaign lasts rightly 4 hours, and once you’ve completed it, there is also an endless survival mode for you to entertain yourself with.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Shooting
Tesla has to use his high-tech machines to survive against Lovecraft's monsters

In term of gameplay, it’s precisely what you’d expect from a top-down twin-stick shooting game. You will control 2 analog sticks with your thumbs, the left one is for movement and the right one is for shooting. Even though the touchscreen is not known for responsiveness when it comes to controls, this setup performs pretty well thanks to its simplicity and familiarity. Moreover, if you want an even more precise control method, the game does support physical controllers as well.

Tesla Vs Lovecraft Action
The twin-stick controls work pretty well on the touchscreen

If you like twin-stick shooters or are a fan of science and mysteries, Tesla vs Lovecraft is a game you should definitely keep an eye out for. The graphics are stunning, the idea is unique, and the shooting is enjoyable. Everything portrays a degree of polish rarely seen on Android. After all, the game was originally a premium game on PC and console, so it's not too surprising that this Android version also has a high quality release and decent pricing model.

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