Following the release of several well-received titles including the multiplayer platformer Planet Runners and the arena platform shooter Bit Quake, developer Happy Doze has now announced a brand new game project for mobile.

Titled Mini PVP, this new game actually looks like it was expanded from the basic idea of Bit Quake as the two games are very similar. You will still be running and jumping around an arena trying to shoot at enemies, but this time Mini PVP allows you to do that against other players online (it isn’t titled “PVP” for nothing).

Mini Pvp
A new bite-size PvP game

In this game, the arena shooter experience has been scaled down to bite size, and so far we know that at least two match types are available:  free-for-all deathmatches that up to 4 players can participate in, or two-minute long matches. Of course, more types such as team deathmatch or domination could be coming in the future, but for the moment Mini PVP is just going to focus on the classic one-against-all gameplay. An early trailer is available, check it out below.

Many other developers have tried to make this type of games for mobile in the past, and some were pretty successful, but what makes Mini PVP stand out is that it keep things simple. More often than not, games of this genre are too ambitious for mobile with excessively complicated mechanics or matches that last for far too long. Mini PVP avoids that trap by allowing players to just hop in and start blasting away at other people for a few minutes, which is precisely what a good mobile game should be.

Mini Pvp 2
Each match only lasts a few minutes

The game is set to enter beta testing next month, so hopefully we will get a full release soon afterward. If you are interested, stay tuned for more updates!