NetEase is a renowned game developer from China that has had several battle royale titles under its belt, including some pretty popular ones like Knives Out or Rules of Survival. Now, the studio is looking to add yet another title to the list: BuildTopia.

This upcoming game is reportedly going to be a creative destruction battle royale, meaning players will be able to build and destroy structures just like in Fortnite. From what we have seen so far, the game looks pretty solid with decent graphics, straightforward controls, and a multitude of gameplay elements.

Buildtopia Screenshot 1
The game has a similar visual style to Fortnite

The most interesting thing is, in addition to Fortnite, BuildTopia also incorporates elements from a few other popular games such as Minecraft and Apex Legends.

A few notable features of the game include a one-button construction system that allows players to erect structures very easily as well as an automatic shooting mechanic that makes it more friendly towards new players.

Buildtopia Moddroid 4
Several notable features including one-button construction and auto shooting

Previously named FortCraft, BuildTopia is currently in the closed testing phase and has already attracted over a million pre-registrations from players who are excited to try it out as soon as it arrives. And since NetEase has secured the legal approval from the other developers to use some of the elements of their games in BuildTopia, there is nothing to stop us from getting our hands on it in the near future.

Buildtopia Moddroid 1
This game looks pretty promising

Given that it is a product from NetEase, BuildTopia certainly has the potential to be huge. Previously, the company has already held several successful tournaments for its other games such as Rules of Survival. It’s exciting to see what they have in store for us with this upcoming title. Keep an eye out for more updates about BuildTopia!