The Chinese gaming titan NetEase has just announced that Ride Out Heroes, its new battle royale for mobile, has finished Closed Beta tests and will be coming to PC and mobile in May. Right now, players in the South East Asia and Latin America regions can pre-register for the game on Google Play to get some special rewards when it launches.

Created by the same team behind the massive hit Rules of Survival, Ride Out Heroes is advertised as the first battle royale game on mobile that features multiple classes. Players will still enter a massive battlefield with 99 others, but now they will be able to choose from 5 different heroes, each with their own unique traits, abilities, and epic weapons. There is Hasan, an assassin who can unleash fast and deadly strikes, and then there’s Robin Hood, who specializes in long-range attacks.

Ride Out Heroes Moddroid 3
There are 5 different classes

Additionally, Ride Out Heroes will also have a team mode, so you don’t have to be alone during your fights for survival. Another cool feature is, when a player is knocked down, they transform into a baby dragon, and If this baby dragon manages to survive for 30 seconds, the player is resurrected.

Screen 4
You can choose to play in squads

This little dragon is not entirely helpless either. It can disguise itself as a barrel, a shrub, or a box to mingle in with the environment and hide from attacks. This is undoubtedly a fun, albeit rather weird, feature.

Another unique addition that Ride Out Heroes makes to the traditional battle royale formula is the Random Sanctuary System, which will see sanctuary randomly appears on the map. Players can come to this sanctuary to forge special weapons, abilities, or other gear that can’t be obtained through normal means such as looting. Of course, these epic items take time before they can be finished, so in the meantime, you must watch out for ambushes from other players.

Ride Out Heroes Forge Epic Weapons
Forge epic weapons

It’s clear that Ride Out Heroes aims to go for a more magical setting instead of a realistic one. If you are interested, don’t forget to pre-register right now!