Battle royale games have certainly been very popular of late. Fortnite from Epic Games, for one, attracts 80 million logins every month as of September 2018. With that being the case, it comes as no surprise that many game developers are jumping on this bandwagon. Game studio Proletariat is no exception. However, its upcoming game Spellbreak is not “just another battle royale game”. This game has received a lot of attention from the community.

Spellbreak Gameplay Teaser

Now, you are probably wondering what makes Spellbreak stands out from the rest of the pack. Well, in this game, instead of shooting at people as most other battle royale games, you will be blasting them with spells.

These spells are unleashed from two magical gauntlets that your character can wear. There are eleven types of gauntlets, each controls an element. The elements include ice, fire, lightning, wind, stone, poison and more. Each gauntlet has a primary function and a secondary one. Take the poison gauntlet: Its primary function is firing a focused spray of poison, while the secondary fire will cast a poison bomb. Some elements have certain special effects besides damaging the enemies as well. For example, you can summon a tornado to carry you to high places or skate on ice paths for increased speed.

Spellbreak Tornado
Jumping on a tornado takes you to high places

What is even more interesting is, you can combine two types of elements to create powerful combos. For instance, you can release a poison cloud, then ignite it with a fireball, resulting in a devastating poisonous inferno. There is not much information about this mechanic at the moment, but it seems that there will be a lot of room for creativity.

Spellbreak Inferno
Unleash devastating inferno by combining spells

There is a bit of RPG in Spellbreak as well. Each class of characters will have a unique passive ability and possesses three magical scrolls that you can level up throughout the course of a match to increase their effectiveness. The pyromancer’s passive revives them once with half HP after they are killed, and their scrolls give them the ability to heal themselves using fire, just to give you a glimpse.

In term of visuals, Spellbreak does a good job too. The spell effects are all very flashy, which makes the battlefield very colorful and chaotic.

Currently, Spellbreak is still in its pre-alpha stage. You can sign up to have a taste of the game here. As of now, however, there is no information on when it will officially come out.