Zombie Paradise – Mad Brains would be the perfect game for you if you are keen on battle royale game but want some new elements to spice things up, and especially, if you love zombies.

The developer of the game is Mazari Games, known for its cutesy platforming game Jump World Adventure. As its name suggests, Zombie Paradise – Mad Brains is a battle royale that centers around zombies and have a shadowy and dense forest as the setting. Check out its gameplay trailer below:

The usual rules of battle royale game apply here: You try to be the final person to survive in the forest. In order to fight others and stay alive, you will need to find different gear, items, and weaponry. And yes, you are going to have to be quick or you may lose your own life. The scavenge and survival factors have already shown in the title of the game.

1A battle royale with zombies

However, there is a twist in Mad Brains. Besides other players, there's another threat that you must watch out for, and you guess it, it's the zombies! These walking corpses have risen from their underground graves and, as usual, are starving for flesh. They would do everything they can in order to eat you up and fulfill their hunger. As a result, you need to be extra careful. Everyone is your enemies.

Furthermore, zombies often travel in hordes, making them even more dangerous.  Big noises from your gunfire and other weapons would get their attention. You definitely don’t want to have so many opponents in one battle. Thus, pick your battle as carefully and wisely as possible.

2There are a lot of enemies that you need to watch out

The threat of a third party really does mixing up the typical battle royal experience. All you have to rely on to make it out of the forest alive is yourself. Let’s blow up some zombies and other rivals on your mobile now.

The game is now accessible on both Google Play Store and App Store for free.