Imagine this: You are just a way too small crab in a big ocean.  But after some intense strength training and crab crushing activities, you can become a King of Crabs. That’s the main plot of the new coming game titled King of Crabs. We never know we need a battle royale with crabs until right now. The game is also a good way to train your reflexes, battling skills and fight strategies.

King Of Crabs
You will fight against other crabs to level up

In this battle royale game, you will be in shallow water with picturesque ocean beaches, along with 99 other crabs that are also under control of real players. You will look around the ocean side environment to find dangerous weapons that were created only for crabs, then take advantages of your opponents in the battles. Fight against them to win rewards and level up your crabs.

The latest trailer of King of Crabs

You can play and enjoy the game by yourself, or if you don’t like working alone, you are able to collaborate with others in order to raise your rating and become the king of the crab empire together. In this game, you will attack other crabs, destroy them to gain more experience that's needed for your growth. You could battle in standard PvP mode, or you could give the teamwork PvE mode a try. There are various choices for you to enjoy the game in different ways.

You will earn new crabs and create your own crab collection as you win a battle. Especially, each one has different appearances as well as different statuses and skills. As a result, you should find them all to fill in your collection and then see which ones you enjoy best.

King Of Crabs 2
The game is available on iOS and Android

The game is available on iOS and Android

King of Crabs will continuously update more weapons, crabs, and maps in the future for you to keep on with the crabbing. It is now on both the Google Play Store and App Store for free.