2B, or is it 2B at all? That is indeed the question here for anyone who has played through Nier: Automata at least once. As for this newly launched game named Star Ocean: Anamnesis, we can safely say that the answer is indeed the prior. It is without a doubt the 2B that we all know and love.

Square Enix is indeed borrowing the flagship character of Yoko Taro’s most popular game of the year 2017. Square Enix is planning to throw her to the fray of its newly developed RPG mobile game that is based entirely on the science-fiction classic series of JRPG named Star Ocean.

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A screenshot of the game

2B will be a featured character through this game’s Draw banner for Campaign Character. This means that 2B will have a quite high rate of drop from this day until the 30th of October. As a result, while there will be no guarantee, you would still have a much higher chance of getting her at the moment than after this event has ended.

Now, some of you may be having a problem figuring what this new RPG mobile game is about. The game is an RPG that is completely free-to-play. This game allows its players to summon characters in from any game across the entirety of the Star Ocean series. The summoned characters would then process to fight in some glorious battles in 3D for your victory. Players going into this game can expect quite a lot of anime voices, gacha, and of course, EXP grinding. It’s just simply beautiful, isn’t it?

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There is a big chance for you to get 2B

It is wrong to state that Star Ocean is a big name in the Western market, especially the latest entry of the series. We don’t want to talk about that disaster. However, this game is still fun for fans of the series.

You can get the game for free on Google Play or App Store. You may even get 2B out! Good luck!