As the years passed and the game progressed further, League of Legends became a game that rewards teamwork and cooperation above all. The release of League’s newest gamemode, the Arena, further supports this theory as there’s only one teammate that you can rely on and your synergy is the key to victory.

Since Riot doesn’t do a lot to help players connect with new duos, finding the right partner to play Arena with can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look. 

Duoo - Best way to find Arena teammates

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Duoo gg is the ultimate companion that you can use to connect with new Arena teammates as it’s equipped with all of the necessary tools that make it a perfect duo finding tool. 

By allowing you to view crucial information that you usually look for in a potential duo such as rank, region, and favorite champions, Duoo saves you a lot of time by narrowing down your search.  

Regardless of the type of Arena player you are, you will certainly find a duo who fits your playstyle as every registered user is able to describe themselves and choose the player type they are, ranging from tryhard to casual.

Additionally, by using a custom rating system based on previous reviews, Duoo allows you to truly see how good someone is at being a duo partner, using metrics such as attitude, communication, and level of play, instead of just rank.

Last but not least, to make your search for an Arena duo even easier and more convenient, Duoo created a Discord bot Miko which is a duo assistant you can add to your server. This little helper allows you to utilize all of Duoo’s amazing features through your server and connects you with other Discord servers that are using this bot.

Social media - Discord, Facebook 

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Social media outlets are the most used channels of human communication nowadays, so it shouldn't be surprising that you can meet Arena teammates here. Discord is one of the most popular places to meet new players to play with, which is also the case when it comes to Arena players. 

By allowing players to smoothly and easily interact with each other both textually and through voice calls, Discord is a really convenient tool that saves you a lot of time when meeting a new partner. On the other hand, you can enter Arena-specific groups on Facebook where you submit a request to join private groups of these like-minded enthusiasts. 

The only downside of websites like these, and social media platforms in general, is the fact that some of the users are toxic and unfriendly. Even though these platforms offer a lot of convenience and a large sample size of available users, there is always a risk that you'll encounter a toxic troll trying to ruin your experience. 

Play with a booster - Turboboost

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If you're looking for a guaranteed way to play with a high elo Arena player that will carry games, you should consider an elo boosting service. This is a great way to boost your rank while surrounding yourself with someone who has mastered the game mode. 

Some Arena boosting services, like Turboboost which is currently the best Arena boosting service available, offer their customers to actively participate in the boost by playing duo with the booster. Apart from a guaranteed increase in your rank, you will be able to actively participate in the boosting process and learn from the best. 

However, it's worth keeping in mind that this is a paid option and if you don't want to spend any money, it's best to look elsewhere. 

Send friend requests

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Players often tend to overlook the fact that they can add anyone they play with and against once the game ends. If you randomly queue up and end up dominating the Arena with someone who you previously didn't know, why wouldn't you try to befriend them? 

Writing a positive message mid-game as well as complimenting your teammate's playstyle can go a long way when you're meeting someone for the first time. On the other hand, if somebody is really skilled and they happen to have an amazing Arena round against you, you shouldn't hold a grudge and be salty. 

Instead, if an opponent impressed you with their skill, don't hesitate to voice that opinion and try forging a new friendship on the opposite sides of the battleground. 

Coaching and mentorship 


The main advantage of this method is the fact that you can acquire key Arena knowledge with coaching instead of just playing with a duo. 

Playing with a coach can greatly increase your understanding of the game mode and serve as a stellar long-term investment that will help you climb the ladder in the long run. It's also worth noting that League coaches are almost always very skilled players who will be more than capable enough of carrying the game. 

However, the main downside is the fact that you will need to pay for coaching lessons which can sometimes be quite expensive. In addition, there simply aren't that many Arena-specific LoL coaches out there at the moment since the game mode is still pretty new and unexplored. 

Client top list 


Most of the Arena players are unaware that this game mode has a ranked top list like the other ranked queues that are directly accessible from the client. By viewing this list, you can always check who the top arena players in your region are at any given moment. 

Apart from viewing their position on the leaderboard, you can scout their account and match history and see if the champion they main fits your needs. If you end up liking the profile of one of these players, you can send them a friend request in the hope of them accepting. 

While it may seem like a long shot that any of these players will accept your requests, there is no limit in terms of the number of requests you can send daily. If you send a few dozen requests, you will certainly land a friendship that can lead you to having a high elo duo. 

Video game cafe 

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Unlike the usual approach of meeting someone online, you could also try a more social approach of meeting someone outside. The biggest benefit of this method of IRL meeting Arena players is the fact that they can potentially become your friends, not just teammates. 

League of Legends is so popular nowadays that there are places where people play the game publicly or at least discuss it in a social gathering. The best place to find these like-minded players are gaming cafes where you'll undoubtedly find a large player base of League players. 

Once you find someone who you can play 2v2v2v2 in a gaming cafe, you will be at a great advantage as you can consistently communicate with that player while they're playing next to you.