VALORANT Mobile may be delayed for a long time as Riot Games does not feel amazed by the Tencent-made version. Will Riot take over the development of the VALORANT Mobile version? Let's check out the latest news about this game.

VALORANT Mobile Is Delayed

Riot Games revealed many hints about VALORANT Mobile which was scheduled to be launched in June 2023. But it seems that the game will be delayed for a long time because Riot Games has not been satisfied with the mobile version that Tencent developed.

As leaked, the owner of VALORANT took over the mobile version and developed the mobile version of this game on their own as the version made by Tencent was far different from the original version on PC.

Valorant Mobile
Riot Games Studio seems to delay Valorant Mobile.

Riot wants to ensure that the mobile version looks amazing on smartphones. But it must retain all features of the PC version. Many functions and actions will be simplified to fit the smartphone control and operating system. Moreover, there can be some changes in the items and game modes to bring mobile players a new experience.

If players link your VALORANT Mobile account with your Riot account, they will receive some valuable rewards. However, the game will not feature the cross-platform between the PC and Mobile editions.

Valorant Mobile Version
Riot Games Studio is still developing Valorant Mobile.

Though the Esports External Affairs Manager of Riot followed the leaker who leaked this piece of news, this game studio has not confirmed any information. Tencent still keeps silent about the release of this game.

But it's possible that VALORANT Mobile won't be launched until 2024 or 2025. Many players, including some of the top boosters, expressed their worries about its release, but all this shooter game's fans hope it will be developed healthily.

Valorant Mobile Release
The mobile version may come out next year.

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