Clockwork Damage is a worth-trying new shooter game

If you are a fan of the shooter game genre, why not take a look at Hail studios’ brand new product called Clockwork Damage – The Ultimate Shooter. The game was just released on November 7th on App Store and Google Play, but it has already received many positive reviews from players around the world. You can check its official trailer below!

Clockwork Damage Official Trailer

The game is introduced as “a Competitive Action RPG set in a Steampunk inspired, dystopian future where a newly discovered planet becomes a deadly battleground.” Hail Studios has included all the things that a player can ask in a shooter game: various mission types to choose from with special events, powerful and devastating weapons to use, plentiful enemies to fight with endless battles.

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Various options for players

What does Clockwork Damage offer?

Here is the list of notable features from Clockwork Damage that can satisfy most shooter game lovers:

  • A lengthy and fairly deep plot so players are offered with multiple missions.
  • Available for both multiplayer and single player mode.
  • Improve players' social experience by connecting with friends to make up your own squad.
  • Full options for mortal and powerful weapons.
  • Non-stop battles with enemies.
  • Thousands of costumes to suit up your character.
  • Monthly leaderboard to challenge your competitiveness.
  • Offline mode - shoot it anywhere, anytime.

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Many interesting features

Players’ reaction to Clockwork Damage seems good, though quite moderate

Clockwork Damage has been open in beta on Google Play since October and users seem to enjoy the game. Even though the trailer views and downloads for the game are not really souring (just around the average), the majority in reviews shows that the game has done a pretty good job in impressing players. Most comments praised it for its great-looking graphics and interesting gameplay.

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A shooter game worth trying

It is still quite early to say anything about the game but from the first look, Clockwork Damage has already shown that it is a good, satisfying and worth-trying option for anyone seeking new experiences in shooter games.