A few months ago, we've seen a teaser trailer published by the Spanish developer Chorrus Games for its new action-platformer title Unbroken Soul. After receiving lots of positive feedback, the game just got an official trailer, and seems to become much more popular with this introduction.

Unbroken Soul
Unbroken Soul is coming to iOS devices!

Unbroken Soul tells a story about a hero that is on his journey to destroy the land of evil. You may think that's a common story in every action game, and you would be correct. But with this new title, what attracts players is not the storyline, but its mechanics and combat system.

Unbroken Soul2
The gameplay looks pretty awesome!

This brand-new action platformer is a perfect choice for those who are in love with an incredibly dynamic kind of game. In Unbroken Soul, all the familiar mechanics such as swinging, double-jumping, and wall-hopping are there, and you get to hack away at enemies up close with your sword or dispatch them from a distance with your bow and arrow. Veteran gamers could feel a vivid vibe of the 16-bit Genesis era or even a Neo-Geo game, due to the retro-styled graphic design in this title.

Unbroken Soul3
Many challenges are waiting for you!

There's some other interesting stuff that you can do in the game. The souls of your defeated enemies are up for you to trade. You can exchange them to enhance your character, so you could have the best preparation before facing a tremendous number of bosses and traps. Keep your eyes open, because you will need them to keep your life in the world of Unbroken Soul.

Let's take a look at its official trailer:

Looks awesome, right? Action platformers like this are always attractive, especially to players that love old-fashioned games. With its interesting gameplay an mechanics, Unbroken Soul is very likely to be accepted widely among players. Or should we say, iOS users for specific, because this game will come to the App Store by the end of this month, on June the 30th.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!