The story of JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword is a pretty standard, if slightly cliché, one. It started with a seemingly peaceful night. Our protagonist Jack took his love interest Nara out for a quiet walk in the forest. But then, as they were sitting cozily next to a bonfire, a giant monstrous hand suddenly reached out of the ground and dragged Nara into an underground cave. Without hesitation, Jack jumped in after Nara, only to see her pulled through a portal and disappeared altogether. As Jack explored the cave, he came across a mysterious entity known only as Kuro, who was imprisoned in a huge sword by an enchantment. Kuro promised to help Jack rescue his love if Jack in turn helped him break the spell. So Jack picked up the sword, and the quest officially begins.

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In term of gameplay, JackQuest is a 2D action platforming game in which players will control Jack to explore the hidden mazes, overcome deadly traps, and vanquish armies of vicious enemies from giant bees and blobs of slimes to gargantuan spiders and sea serpents. Between all the action there will also be various platforming challenges as well.

For example, you might have to push a slab of stone on top of a switch on the ground to open a door or move a wooden box into a specific position so that you can stand on it and jump to higher places. Overall, they are pretty standard. If you have played these types of game before, you are probably no stranger to these kinds of puzzles.

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As he descends deeper and deeper into the unknown, Jack will discover several new weapons and special gear that grant him new powers. Eventually, your weapon collection will consist of various types of swords, as well as bows and arrows. Special powers, meanwhile, include lightning-quick dashes, wall jumps, and even wind manipulation.

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If you are a fan of mobile action platformers and metroidvania-style games, JackQuest is something you should definitely check out. It will be available on the App Store with a price of $4.99 (Rs 354) from February 27.