Exclusive this summer

Steam Summer Sale is always one of the most popular events in the gaming community. The event has just started on June 26. Players will have approximately 2 weeks from now to purchase their favorite titles on Steam store.

Summer Sale 1
Steam Summer Sale 2019 is finally here!

Steam Sumer Sale 2019 is a Grand Prix-themed event. Valve also offers its fans a brand-new mini-game to participate. Once joining in, you will be a competitor that aims for a wide range of rewards. The idea is pretty simple: pick your side from five featured groups: Hare, Corgi, Cockatiel, Pig, and Tortoise. After going through many challenges and missions, you will have a chance to receive one game from your wishlist for free! The wisest choice right now should be team Corgi, let's take a look at the picture below to know why:

Corgi team is far away from the rest.

The rank of your team will be updated regularly on the Grand Prix page. On the sale's duration, you will get a Boost Meter that allows you to fill in with points. There are two ways to make your Boost Meter bigger: participating in the event on a daily basis and spending money on titles offered by Steam.

Each time you do either one of those things, you Boost Meter will increase its capacity by 100 (for every $1). Many Grand Prix quests are waiting for you to complete. In order to fill your Boost Meter, you have to earn points from these missions, which mainly focused on getting games' achievements. Earned points will be used to boost your team for distance & speed on the race of Grand Prix, or even to decrease another team's speed if you got some drop of attacks.

Summer Sale 2
Race started! Awards awaiting!

Interesting incentives

This is the most important part announced by Valve: Each day throughout the Grand Prix, random members of the top first, second and third place teams will receive the top item from their Steam Wishlist. Random members of the overall Grand Prix winning teams will be awarded up to three of the top items from their Steam Wishlist. Sounds interesting? Don't forget to update your wishlist to the latest titles, maybe you will be the lucky one.

Steam Summer Sale
Steam will be busy taking cash from keen players

However, you can get Grand Prix tokens depending on how much points you have contributed to your team. Chat emoticons, profile backgrounds, and more are available in the Grand Prix Pit Stop. They are up for you to grab using these tokens. It seems that summer is finally here. Fanatical is also offering thousands of PC deals during its Red Hot summer sale.

Consider getting your game on this site, because most of its purchasable titles are also redeemable on Steam. After Steam Summer Sale ends on July 9, Amazon Prime Day 2019 will follow with a launch scheduled from July 15 to 16.