Halloween is around the corner, and so is another Steam Sale season. With only fews day until Halloween, of course Steam will keep their discount tradition of Spooky titles.

And as usual, around this time the date of Halloween Sale got leaked on the internet for everyone to see.

All hail our lord GabeN, as usual

As reported by a developer source, the Halloween sale on Steam will start on October 29nd and end on November 1st. The games on sale will mainly be spooky titles, with the Horror tag. Of course, the older a game is, the bigger the sale.

If you are a horror games fan, then this is the time to buy them at discount price

Meanwhile, the Autumn Sale will follow after a month, start from November 21st and end on November 27th. After that, is one of the two biggest sale event on Steam: Winter Sale, start from Devember 20th and end on January 3rd, 2019.

These info also got leaked on Reddit and some other websites, with the same dates, too. Valve representative said nothing about this leak, but when considered the fact that all the leaked date from before are pretty much correct, then this leak will probably be true, too.

What comes along with Steam Sale? Of course, is a bunch of meme on the internet, which hilariously describe our mood every time Steam Sale is coming:

You are already broke.

Me everytime Steam Sale ends

But maybe, the most funny and most famous meme that got shared every time Steam Sale comes, is this gif:

Please stoppppp!!!!

So what will you get in the upcoming Steam Halloween, Autumn and Winter Sale? As for me, maybe it's time to add some more RPG (which I will never have time to play) to my library this year.