Questions made an official announcement stating that on July 30, The Blackout Club - a cooperative mystery adventure game of theirs - will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as PC (via Steam).

In this game, you will have no choice but to team up with other players. The Blackout Club brings you to a journey to the neighborhood of Redacre. You and your teammates need to work together in order to survive while searching for your missing friend there.

The Blackout Club
Find your missing friend and discover the mysterious entity in The Blackout Club

You will all become kids in the game, which increases the difficulty of the game as the adults are never willing to listen to you. Furthermore, they will certainly report any case of shenanigan which they witness. Therefore, it is a must for you to utilize all the stealth elements throughout the whole game.

But the obstacles are not from the adults only

Redacre used to be a normal and peaceful community. But then came an entity, a looming shadow known as the Angel. This entity has warped the mind of all adults in the area. And it has a huge potential to put the children in the area in danger.

The Blackout Club
Being kids makes the game even harder

The secret about this entity is that it only becomes visible once your character closes his/her eyes. Therefore, working together seems to be the only way to save your missing friend while also discover what is actually happening underneath the land of Redacre.

The Blackout Club
The official release of the game will be based on your review

Currently, The Blackout Club is still in the Early Access phase. You can get it on Steam with a discount of 20%. The first official release version of the game will feature new content according to the players’ feedback.

The developers want the players to shape this cooperative mystery game by themselves. Up to now, the game has been getting a lot of very positive reviews from users on Steam.