The nearly 10-year-old title Heavy Rain has officially comes out for PC. The game will come out exclusively through Epic Games Stores, and you will undoubtedly pay for it!

Don't believe it? Then you can watch the release trailer for yourself below, and see our brief demonstration on the game:

Heavy Rain is the narrative title telling the story of a mass killer

If you haven't tried Heavy Rain on PS3 or PS4 yet, then it's the chance for you to experience one of the horror story-telling masterpieces.

Heavy Rain is the choice-driven thriller title, telling the story of the mass killer - Origami killer. The killer was called that way because, for every murder he made, he left behind an Origami crane. Players will trace the steps of the Origami killers to find out his real identity and stop him from committing further crimes.

Heavy Rain Comes Out For Pc Today Via Epic Games S
What can we infer from these paper cranes?

From the brief overview, the game's story seems quite ordinary. However, the special thing of the game is that you're going to explore the twisted plot from the perspectives of four characters. All of them are taking on the duty to find the boy captured by the killer, and reveal a lot of hidden clues from every kill he made.

With a type of thriller like Heavy Rain, those are the elements that can't be missed out!

But things have just only started. Furthermore, [Spoiler Alert] it's very engrossing to find out the real knot: the real Origami killer is actually the detective that you've spent a lot of time controlling.

Heavy Rain Comes Out For Pc Today Via Epic Games S
Heavy Rain has multiple endings, based on your options

That's the twist that brings every one goosebump. Creep as hell!

That's enough easter eggs from me. So if you want to try, why don't just purchase the game now and dig right into it?

The PC version features major graphics enhancement

Heavy Rain was released back in 2010, and with the graphics standard at that time, the game is considered very beautiful! All the actions are very smooth, and the arts were kind of close to reality as well.

However, we're living in 2019 with a lot of technical development, so it can't just look like it used to be. Quantic Dream also understands that, and they've brought a graphical revamp with this PC release.

Heavy Rain Comes Out For Pc Today Via Epic Games S
The PC version supports 4k resolution at 60fps

To be more specific, Heavy Rain for PC will support 4k resolution, widescreen capability and capped framerate of 60fps. It was kind of the best graphics quality we can have now.

As a result, you can experience the whole story with sharper and smoother images with this PC version. Everything is just like a great movie!

Two other titles from Quantic Dream will come later

Heavy Rain is out now on Epic Games Store at the price of £15.99. If you still hesitate to purchase this masterpiece, you can try the free demo version before buying.

Following Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream also planned to bring its two titles Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Being Human to PC. Both these upcoming games will be Epic Games Store-exclusive and will come in the near future.

Heavy Rain Comes Out For Pc Today Via Epic Games S
All three Quantic Dream's titles will come in 2019

It's great to see the epic games previously on PlayStation to be brought to PC. Gurugamer will update the latest information for you when these two come out!