The Blackout Club is a co-op horror game from Question. This is a game developer based in California and Virginia, formed by Steven Alexander and Jordan Thomas – the veterans behind the BioShock series. The game tells the story of a group of teenagers who have to somehow save their town from a mysterious dark force lurking underneath it. Now, it has been announced that it is available for Early Access.

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The announcement was published on the official Twitter of The Blackout Club on October 30. The tweet reads: “The Blackout Club is 4 PLAYER CO-OP HORROR, available now for Early Access on Steam! You play teens sneaking out to discover the monstrous secret at the heart of your home town.”

There is also a trailer that you can see below. The trailer shows plenty of footage of the game in action, with narratives that give a glimpse of the story.


The game takes place in a suburban town which has no internet or phone signal, cut off from the rest of the world. Something strange has been going on here. There have been several cases where teenagers wake up outside of their houses, covered in dirt, blood on their fingernails, and have no idea how they got there. A few teenagers have teamed up together to form “The Blackout Club”, determined to find out what is happening.

The Blackout Club focuses heavily on co-op gameplay. There can be up to 4 players at one time. Their task is to use smartphones to record evidence while avoiding the Sleepwalkers – the adults under the influence of whatever evil force that is causing these disturbances. In order to survive, the players have to work together, combine different abilities, create diversions for each other, etc. The challenges of the game will change depending on how many players are playing.

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Record evidence with your friends

The Blackout Club is a combination of Left4Dead, Thief, and BioShock. Currently, it is available for Early Access on Steam with a 10% discount. The usual, pre-discount price is $18 (Roughly Rs 1,310).