Quantic Dreams is fulfilling its promised to bring its PS4-exclusive titles to PC. Heavy Rain has already released earlier this week, and now, it's the turn for Beyond: Two Souls.

The developer also gave us an announcement trailer, which gives the overlook on the game's story. If you haven't tried the game on PS3 or PS4 yet, it's perfect for you to catch the vibes:

Welcoming all kinds of spirits and demons with Beyond: Two Souls

After bringing the magic-free thrilling story of a mass killer in Heavy Rain, Quantic Dreams has chosen Beyond: Two Souls to be the next one to get on PC. This game is voiced by Hollywood stars: Ellen Page as Jodie Homes and Williem Dafoe as Nathan Dawkins.

Beyond: Two Souls tells the story of Jodie Homes's extraordinary life. From her birth, Jodie has an abnormal ability which connects her with other entity - Aiden - who she can talk and make some telepathic acts, such as controlling people's minds and manipulating certain objects.

Beyond Two Souls Release Free Pc Demo 5
Meets Jodie - the girl who can connect with the entity from another world

After an incident that makes Aiden almost killed her neighbors, Jodie parents choose to leave her under the custody of the DPA - Department of Paranormal Activity. At there, she lives under the supervise from doctors Nathan Dawkins (who [Spolier] turns out to be Green Goblin himself) and Cole Freeman.

With guidance from the doctors, Jodie gradually learns how to control her power. However, she quickly catches the eyes of the CIA, and was forced to join as a member. Desiring for a free life, she chooses to break out from its, and the government is surely not happy about that.

Beyond Two Souls Release Free Pc Demo 2
Jodie is not just a little girl anymore

Will Jodie manage to have her long-awaited normal life? Or will she be forever stuck in the border between the world of the living and the world of the death - the Infraworld?

Beyond Two Souls Release Free Pc Demo 4
Jodie will finally have a chance to meet Aiden.

This PC release is the chance for you to find out the ending if you can't get a PS3/PS4 version. Or you just want to try this masterpiece again, Quantic Dreams welcomes you!

Try free demo while waiting for official release

The developer planned to release Beyond: Two Souls on July 22nd. However, if you can't wait to try this game in 4k resolution on your cinematic 21:9 ratio, then here's the good news.

The demo version of the game is live now, and it's completely free to download. With this demo, you can play through two first episodes of the game. They include The Experiment - where you control the young Jodie with the terrifying link to other entity - Aiden; and Hunted - in which you play as the grown-up Jodie running away from the CIA.

Beyond Two Souls Release Free Pc Demo 3
The story will be told in 4k resolution, 60fps, and cinematic screen ratio

At launch, the game will come out exclusively on Epic Games Store for a price of $19.99. That's not a small amount of money, so you should try these two free episodes first, just to see whether it fits you or not!

Beyond Two Souls Release Free Pc Demo 6
Claim your free demo now as it's free on Epic Games Store

Nevertheless, I still think that Beyond: Two Souls is the title that you never want to miss. But, after all, better safe than sorry!

We will give you the latest information when the game releases. So, stay tuned to Gurugamer!