Uragun is an action-packed shooter game with the classic top-down style – a tribute to all the classic 2D shooters in history.

Uragun, by Kool2Play puts you in an all-powerful mech unit to battle swarms of AI bots on Earth.


For so long, the AI has been serving human as a loyal servant with complete compliance. However, disaster struck as Yellowstone super volcano erupted, leading to the betrayal of the AI against mankind.

Hence, these loyal servants now turn their back against their makers and become deadly killing machines. Of course, the humankind quickly falls before their creation, which grows at a crazy speed via global giga-factories.

Wander the streets of Moscow, New York, Berlin, Beijing, Warsaw, Paris and London and take down any bots you see.

As the last possible resort, humankind has to unleash an ultimate weapon that requires a genius esports player in control. From the high above International Space Station, you are the chosen pilot in the Uragun War Mech, pledged to save the world from the machines at any cost.

YOU are the mass destruction weapon and the last hope of mankind. Get ready, you don’t have that many chances to save the world!

Uragun is projected to hit Steam Early Access this October, with a plan to fully release in Q1 2020. The few months of Early Access will help the developers with feedbacks and gameplay improvements from players.

In Uragun, the enemies are smart. They evolve and adapt through times, according to how you play the game. The settings with real streets and cities of the world really make Uragun challenging as how it should be.

YOU are the weapon and back down is not an option!

Key Features:

- Outsmart swarms of AI that get smarter with time

- Different AI “species” with unique capabilities and behavior patterns

- Futuristic locations inspired by real cities (Moscow, New York, Berlin, Beijing, Warsaw, Paris and London)

- Action-based gameplay, there’s no room for any distractions

- 10 hours minimum of playtime full of missions and challenges for you to exercise your strategies

- Maximum carnage – use your mech wisely alongside different power-ups, weapons and massive shockwaves. Time to show the bots who’s the real boss on Earth.

Uragun will arrive on Steam in Q1 2020.