Space shooter games are always fascinating to experience, especially those with both sci-fi and action features. Following previous moves, MistFly Games has realized the idea, bringing it into a fast-paced action game called Subdivision Infinity DX.

Set to be launched on August 8th via Steam and Switch, the action-packed shooter promises a stunning graphics with tight spaceship gameplay. 

Subdivision Infinity DX.
Subdivision Infinity DX out on Steam this August

The Gameplay

Similar to other space shooters, Subdivision Infinity DX gives players the experience of an intergalactic fighter and the great expanses of outer space.

During the game, players manage to overcome more than 30 engaging story missions in five different regions of the galaxy. Each mission includes hunting down and destroying the enemy, crushing capital ships, mining asteroids for rare minerals, and finding blueprints to craft new vessels. 

Subdivision Infinity DX
There are a wide range of mission in this space shooter

Besides, there are additional pursuits to take on, which grant players some loot to combat the space’s dangerous hazards. As it is described on Steam, Subdivision Infinity is an action-packed journey filled with dogfights, boss battles, and more set against the outer reaches of the cosmo. 

The Main Features of Subdivision Infinity DX

The story of Subdivision Infinity DX follows a contractor named Sgt. Jed Riddle. This man has the responsibility to find out why a mining facility has gone dark. During his journey, Jed investigates a much deeper conspiracy. He needs to fight off those intending to silence him to keep the truth hidden.

Hd Subdiv Shipupgrades 1
The story doesn't sound that impressive though ...

The game consists of five main features.

Firstly, players complete all the missions while exploring mysterious sectors of the galaxy. Secondly, taking part in massive space battles, fighting against different enemies which include drones, fighters, capital ships and more.

Thirdly, building ships from lost relics and asteroids collected during the journey, along with selling properties for profit. The fourth is fighting with the most powerful enemies in the boss battles. And the last is preparing for the fight which needs a well-equipped ship and weapons. 

Minimum system for the game requires Window Vista 64-bit, Intel Core i3, 2 GB RAM and 4 GB available storage space.