Relic Hunter Legend is a free online co-op Shooter/Looter/RPG game where you use your little cute characters to shoot down other cute little villains with your cute little guns. The game is developed by Rouge Snail, the same studio who developed Chroma Squad, Dungeonland and Relic Hunter Zero.

This game is the sequel of Relic Hunter Zero, which is a free, open-sourced game on Steam with a huge community of millions of players around the world.

Like Relic Hunter Zero, Relic Hutner Legend uses the same RPG mechanics with top-down run and gun combat.

A fun co-op shooter game

While on the adventure to save the world, players will discover the mysteries of the past and understand their Hunter better. The developer said that the story will keep growing indefinitely with new storylines, characters, and side stories through new updates. Furthermore, you will get to collect plenty of loot, including weapons and gears, to combine them and increase your power. The items are dynamic with different rarity levels and effects, from comical to super powerful.

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You can have a party of up to 4 people

The enhancement system will allow you to keep your favorite weapon as the game gets harder instead of tossing it away. As for the ones you don't need, you can share it with your teammate thanks to the trading system. Players can also choose to customize the appearance of their own Hunter at will and save the world with style. In addition, everything in the game can be collected through playing so you will never find yourself stuck behind a pay-wall.

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You will get to know your character better throughout the game

The game's graphics is the combination of both 2D and 3D environment so players can experience full verticality and freedom of movement using mouse and keyboard or a controller. If you are a hard-core PC gamer with a $10K PC, you should know that the game does support 4K resolution, 21:9 ratio with an unlocked frame rate for the best gaming experience.