Esports Life Tycoon is a management game in which players are going to have a chance to create and manage their e-Sports teams in different ways. The game tasks consist of hiring the best players, training the superstars, coping with distractions, and finally dealing with important events beforehand.

This game will allow players to have different experiences and feelings while discovering about e-Sports. Also, it is necessary for users to identify and meet their team’s needs. Expanding your e-Sports team as well as gaming houses in order to be the winners of big tournaments around the world are the users’ missions in this game. The ultimate goal of the game is to become the largest team of e-Sports ever.

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Esports Life Tycoon

With over 5,000 users on Discord, Esports Life Tycoon has already had a strong community where they share the same passion for e-Sports, and discuss the game actively. Recently, U-Play Online and Raiser Games released a closed beta, which is limited for Discord server’s subscribers with over 4,000 participants joined. These participants got to try the game’s first division, submitting feedbacks to help the game develop further. Among them, 5 people will be joining Esports Life Tycoon as one of the bosses which players will have the option to fight against.

Also, the real competition begins today. It is time the season started, you will get to see the results of what you have completed, after all the training, scouting for adversaries, arbitrating your team’s conflicts.

Esports Life Tycoon - Ep. 1 - Dreams of Glory

Esports Life Tycoon is available in Early Access on Steam from June 20th, with a 20% discount for $11.99/€11.99, which is valid only until the 9th of July. After the mentioned time and during the Early Access Launch, the price for the game will be $14.99/ €14.99.

Esports Life Tycoon Launch Discount Information

U-Play created Esports Life Tycoon to bring the hype, emotion, and thrill of e-Sports to the management genre.

Features in Esports Life Tycoon

Guillermo Aguilera, who is the Lead Designer of Esports Life Tycoon of U-Play Online, explains: “We have been working in Esports Life Tycoon for a long time”.

She adds: “We're offering an original concept, mixing Tycoon mechanics with Manager elements in the setting of eSports. That's why we have opted to release it first on Steam Early Access: it gives us the opportunity to validate this concept with our community of players, and to shape the game to reach its true potential thanks to their feedback”.

These are some main features in Esports Life Tycoon:

You can manage every aspect of your players

  • Create your team of e-Sports and build it from scratch.
  • Get the best stars to reach your goals: in case a player does not meet your expectations, you know what to do.
  • Train your team and improve their well-being by enhancing team spirit, finding and developing a healthy lifestyle!
  • Let your e-Sports players live in the most impressive gaming houses and find psychologists, marketing advisers, and coaches to improve the life quality of your players.
  • Compete against the opponents in big events to become a legend: you can choose to spectate the matches or guide the team yourself to the victory.