No More Robots game publisher has recently cooperated with Sharkbomb Studios to make a game whose name is Nowhere Prophet. Their goal was to create a digital dustpunk Indian-infused card game. And now, Nowhere Prophetis is about to be available Steam, starting from July 19. The game costs 1,738.07INR ($24.99 / £19.49).

Nowhere Prophet will be available on Steam from July 7
Nowhere Prophet will be available on Steam from July 7

Nowhere Prophet will bring you a wholly unique system regarding building your deck. In this game, cards aren’t there just for you to throw your weight around during combat. They are your followers through the fallen and apocalyptic world of Nowhere Prophet.

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In Nowhere Prophet, cards are not just for throwing to the deck

The number of followers you have also had an impact on your deck. It will constantly evolve when you have new followers (or lose some of them to the wilderness). Furthermore, you can build up bonds between you and your followers. You may even genuinely feel a heartache seeing them falling down in combats.

Nowhere Prophet is a combination between a tactical battle board and card-based combat. Tactically bring your followers to the battle board, then use your Leader Cards to activate your own special skills. With this, you can control the battle however you want.

When you are not in combat, you will have to make many narrative decisions which can have a huge impact on your journey. For example, choosing between bringing hope to your disciples of draining every last drop of life from their exhausted bodies.

The deck-building system in Nowhere Prophet will bring you a unique experience

There are many maps which were procedurally generated in Nowhere Prophet. They can all bring you a brand new journey every time you log in the game. Besides, there are 10 distinct convoys as well as four classes for Prophet which will change the way you play. Those and over 300 cards waiting for you to discover. All of them make the game become infinitely playable.

Starting from the July 19, you can get Nowhere Prophet on Steam for 1,738.07INR ($24.99 / £19.49). The game will be available for Linux, PC, and Mac. The console version is coming at some point at the beginning of 2020.