Belgium-based game developer Abrakam, the creator of the solid strategic card game Faeria, has announced that it is looking to raise funds for its next project. Titled Roguebook, this upcoming title is another digital card game with roguelike elements integrated. It is currently up on Kickstarter.

In term of setting, the new game still takes place in the world of Faeria. There exists a mysterious Roguebook that is said to contain all knowledge of the world. According to legends, anyone who dares to read it stands a chance to obtain godlike powers.

The problem is, the Roguebook itself is a sentient and mischievous being with motivations and goals of its own. Its pages contain exotic lands from all over the world that are full of dangerous creatures, and the book can completely rewrite itself when someone tries to read it, oftentimes trapping them inside for eternity.

The Roguebook contains a world of its own

In term of gameplay, that means every time you play, there will be a brand new world procedurally-generated for you to explore.

You begin your adventure by picking 2 heroes that will fight alongside one another. Currently, there are 4 characters for you to choose from, each of whom has their own abilities and playstyle. By making different combinations, you can get a new experience every time.

Roguebook Character
Several characters to choose from

The combat revolves around this dual-hero mechanic. The duo will support each another in multiple ways such as working together to create powerful combos or defend their comrade from damage. As mentioned, this is a card game, so every action in combat will be presented in the form of cards.

Roguebook Combat
Your two heroes will support each other in combat

Outside of battles, you are allowed to freely navigate the map freely and decide which area or encounter you want to visit. The map will have fog of war preventing you from seeing its entirety, so you’ll always need to do some exploration. Along the way, you will also meet several friendly and helpful NPCs.

Explore the map freely outside of battles

Roguebook is still quite early in its development, so there is no information on a release date at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates.