In a brand new trailer, developer Motion Twin announced that its indie hit Dead Cells will be coming to mobile. You can watch this trailer below:

Dead Cells Mobile will be available on both iOS and iOS devices, but at the moment there is no exact release date. The trailer only mentioned that there will be versions for iPad and iPhone "soon," and an Android port will be coming "later."

During a press release, Motion Twin stated that the mobile port of Dead Cells will include a "revamped interface" and feature 2 gameplay modes: original and auto-hit. The size and position of the virtual buttons are fully customizable, and physical controllers are supported as well. The game will have a price of around $11 (Rs 760), but it will deliver the full experience without any ads or microtransactions.

Dead Cells Mobile
Dead Cells Mobile will feature a revamped interface

Originally released in August 2018 for PC and consoles, Dead Cells is described as a “roguevania” title, meaning it contains both the procedurally-generated levels of roguelike games and the 2D action/platforming of metroidvania titles.

In this game, just like the title suggests, the player becomes a lump of undead cells that occupies and controls several host bodies to embrace on a journey through a world infested by monsters following a terrible plague. As you explore the levels and defeat the creatures that dwell within, you will collect currencies, weapons, items, and more. You can also find permanent power-ups hidden throughout the world as well.

Dead Cells
The game is a mixture of the roguelike and metroidvania genres

In case you die, however, all weapons and items you got during the run are lost, but these power-ups will stay with you. Some of these power-ups open up new ways for you to traverse the environment, allowing you to get to areas and bosses that you couldn’t access before. Throughout the game, you'll gradually learn more about what happened that resulted in the collapse of civilization.