A couple of years back, the iOS platform witnessed the launch of Alchemic Dungeons an entertaining Japanese-style roguelike game from Japanese indie developer Q-Cumber Factory. It brought an added crafting system to the traditional Mystery Dungeon-style formula, resulting in a rather cool experience. The game later found its way to other devices including the Nintendo 3DS. Check out its trailer below:

Upon jumping to the Nintendo Switch, Alchemic Dungeons received a major boost. Renamed Alchemic Dungeons DX, this version had both its graphics and audio polished, and the developer decided to add practically more of everything. There were more characters, more items, more dungeons, and just… more. You can think of it as an expanded, remastered version of the original game, with tons of new content for you to mess around with.

The graphics recall the old days

It’s been quite a while since the last time Q-Cumber launched a new game on iOS, but now, the studio has teamed up with publisher Flyhigh Works to port this improved version to mobile device. It retains the title as its Steam and Switch counter parts: Alchemic Dungeons DX. However, this is a standalone app, and as a result you will still have to purchase it again even if you already have the original. This is still a decent deal, though, considering that the price of both versions combined is still lower compared to what you have to spend to get Alchemic Dungeons DX on Steam or other platforms.

Nswitchds Alchemicdungeonsdx 05
The game adds more of everything to the original

In any case, it’s nice to see this game get some attention. Honestly, with how much new content Alchemic Dungeons DX  brings, the developers could have called it a full sequel if they wanted and nobody would have a problem. If you’re in need of a cool roguelike game to play, or just simply want to revisit an old game for nostalgia’s stake, Alchemic Dungeons DX could be a great option. You can get it on the App Store right now for $3.99 (Rs 275).