Labyrinth of the Witch, a brand-new RPG game with an exciting dungeon-themed gameplay, is now available for all players who are fans of roguelike adventures. The game is designed to be straightforward and addictive, and is a combination of retro pixel art style and fast-paced dungeon crawling gameplay.

The game introduces you to three adventurers: Ayame the trickster, Yuto the swordsman and Claire the knight – all of whom are presented in cutesy models. Now, they have started their stories into the esoteric world of Labyrinth of the Witch. Be careful! During their adventures, great rewards are waiting somewhere, but even greater risk and threat are lurking around!

Labyrinth of the Witch gameplay trailer

The game itself was meant to follow the path of typical roguelike games. Your enemies will only act when you do, so the keys to become a winner in this game are plans and strategies. Each character has their exclusive abilities with a different set of mechanics, so you must pick one that suits you best to start your exploration into the labyrinth!

Enemies in this game come in over 100 different kinds, each of them has their own reactions and movements. What you will face in your next stage is always a mystery, and because of that, you need to be focused on your doing in order to stay alive! If it’s possible, try to finish exploring the dungeon as fast as you can, as a new record might be set based on your performance!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Labyrinth of the Witch

Cutesy pixelated art and animations bring your adventures to life!

There is also an interesting feature included in Labyrinth of the Witch called the “final moments” rundown. When you’re finally able to get to the very end in the labyrinth, a 30-second recap of your last moves will be created automatically by the game. You can rewatch your performance and show these exciting moments to your friends for bragging rights!

You can easily find Labyrinth of the Witch on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. And good news for you, the game is free to download!