1. Ailment

This is a creepy yet funny roguelike with a pixelated art style. It happens on a spaceship in the middle of the vast emptiness. The player, who is put in the role of the captain of the ship, wakes up after a coma to find that his entire crew has turned against him.

When you’re in the game, the inner monologue of the captain will show you the way throughout his memories, the ship’s backstory, and what precisely may go on next. To survive, players will have to explore the ship for the hidden weaponry and secrets. It’s really hard to fight against your former crew, so you should have a proper plan.

In spite of the creepy premise, Ailment has a nice sense of humor indeed, with lots of interesting references to various sci-fi classics.

Ailment Cover
A creepy yet funny game

  1. Pixel Dungeon

In this list, maybe Pixel Dungeon is the oldest one. However, it’s still worth trying indeed. Within 25 dungeon-like levels created randomly, players will keep trekking to look for weapons and uncommon gear.

The visuals of this game are amazingly basic. However, it can provide a very intense and challenging experience for players. There are several savage chasms, deadly traps, and dangerous enemies. Players will have to deal with them all. You will probably spend a lot of time playing this exciting game and hopefully, you'd appreciate each second of it.

Pixel Dungeon
A simple yet addicting game

  1. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

If you are a fan of roguelike games, then you must have at least heard of The Binding of Isaac from developer Edmund McMillen. After all, it was the huge accomplishment of this fantastically gross and fun game that contributed to the restoration of the genre.

You become the young Isaac, who is thrown into the basement by his extremist mother.  The randomly-created rooms are filled with tons of weird creatures, though, so it seems that you won’t be alone!

After figuring out how to evade and precisely return fire, you’ll slowly dig your way down to go further into the darkest and most disrupting parts of the house.

The Bindings Of Isaac
You won't be alone in The Bindings of Isaac

  1. Immortal Rogue

This excellent game has players take the job of a godlike vampire. You’ll cut, smash, and finally laser-blast through armies of enemies through many different locations. Players can do all of these tasks just by one hand!

The most interesting thing here is that you can strategically modify the course of human advancement itself to suit your liking. Meanwhile, being an immortal vampire, you cannot truly die. Every time you are "killed", you'll just fall into a slumber to wake up a century later. Of course, the in-game world will still progress while you sleep, so each time you wake up things will be totally different with new technology and enemies.

On the other hand, if you feel like it, you can also hunt down key historical figures that played a major part in the development of mankind. By doing so, you might even send the world back to the Stone Age. Still, it’s necessary to stay responsive to any circumstance as you cannot be sure what might come to pass sometimes.

Immortal Rogue
You'll become an immortal vampire in Immortal Rogue

  1. Dead Cells

Of course, no list of top roguelike games could be complete without Dead Cells. Because of its practically unparalleled level of clean, smooth, and quick paced battle featuring a lot of weaponry, this game gained a lot of positive responses. Dead Cells actually released on PC and consoles last year.

Players will have to explore more than twelve interconnected, randomly-created levels after breaking free of a grim dungeon. There will be a lot of hidden secrets, mini-bosses, deadly traps, and dangerous enemies in each area. And it will be organized in such an excellent way so you will not want to put it down soon.

Developer Motion Twin is porting Dead Cells to Android and iOS this year, so keep an eye out!

Dead Cells
An excellent roguelike with highly polished combat