Coming from developer Rastar we have the upcoming RPG title Aurora Legend. In this game, you will be put in Aurora, a fantasy world formerly full of extraordinary landscapes but has been destroyed by evils.

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Pre-registration is available now

You will take on the role of the hero who is tasked with killing demons and clean up the land to return it to its former glory. In this world, there will be also some heroes who will join you and make a party to fight back the dark force. There will be hundreds of different heroes in Aurora Legend, and each will have unique powers and backgrounds. With all these combinations of heroes and storyline, the number of adventures that you could take on is infinite.

The strategies

A Rune system will also be integrated into the game, which allows you to use Runes to enhance and improve all the heroes no matter of their starting point. Therefore if you craft and equip smartly and carefully to the right Rune slots, we might able to create the strongest hero.

Aurora Legend is a game where each player has the chance to create their own strategy and form a team that best suits it. That mechanic, in turn, creates many fun and unique experiences for all the participants.

Join Aurora Legend To Save The World From The Demo
Multiplayer Bounties and Co-op Raids

Because there will be some unique maps that are generated randomly, all of the strategies and tactics above will be handy one way or another because you never know what's waiting for you in the next corner.  (you should also pray to the god of RNG before hitting that generate button so that there will be less hard stuff)

Pre-register right now

The game is not yet released but you can go for the pre-registration right now, if you choose to pre-register you will receive many awesome rewards ( after the launch of the game, surely). The most simple 0ne will be 100x Diamonds and Sunny AR Card, then a lot more than that.

Therefore, head to the official page of the game and sign up right now!! The pre-registration campaign will last until the 12th of March.