The developer Surgical Scalpels has made an official announcement for Boundary - their latest PS4 exclusive game along with a brand new trailer. This game was previously mentioned as “Project Boundary”.

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Boundary is going to be available some time later this year

From the trailer, we can see the fast-paced FPS gameplay alongside beautiful weapon animations, design of the characters and maps in the game.

During the testing phase of this game, the studio did a lot of extensive research with the intention of releasing a VR version. However, they decided to concentrate on developing a standard version for PS4 first and port the game to Xbox One and PC later.

About Boundary

Boundary is a multiplayer game without a story mode. The premise for Boundary's gameplay is a five-versus-five team setup. So far, the available game modes in the game are Team Deathmatch and Free For All. There are also game modes like Facility Capture as well as Orbital Purge which based on the Domination and Elimination gameplay elements.

The multiplayer matches in the game will certainly have fast gameplay mechanics as well as intense combat.

When the game launches, we will have a great number of multiplayer maps to choose from: orbital fuel station, a spacecraft debris field, museum, and a solar farm.

When it comes to progression, the game features a complicated progression system so you can broaden your skill set as you progress through Boundary. This allows you to build different teams together as well as combine defensive and offensive skill sets.

The game show off the character design

Taking inspiration from tactical weaponry of modern day, Boundary’s armory includes sniper rifles, machine pistols, and even rocket launchers. There will also be tools which astronauts usually use like lances and percussion hammers.

Boundary 2019 06 26 19 010 600
In Boundary, the weapons are adjusted to become efficient even in space

You can upgrade your weapons to enhance their use during battles such as adding barrels, grips, scopes, extended magazines as well as stocks.

Regarding maneuverability, you will have a jetpack (or an EVA pack in Boundary) which you can modify to store additional countermeasures and offensive weapons. The game offers 3 EVA packs for you to customize and 6 classes.

There will be more information about this game in the upcoming Gamescom in Cologne from August 21 to 24.