Only Up is a trending platformer simulation game on Steam that many gamers are trying to beat. But it also annoys lots of players and game streamers when they continually fail to reach the final point. The question "Can I save the progress in Only Up" becomes a frequently asked question. Let's check out the answer here.

Can I Save The Game Progress In Only Up?

Only Up is a no-save game. Therefore, you have to start over from the point where you fall. As this game does not have a checkpoint and save mechanics, it's challenging for many players. Therefore, you have to move and climb carefully and avoid unexpected traps as one misstep can send you to the starting point.

Only Up
Don't fall off or you have to start over.

Your character won't be killed by falling, so he is not sent to the checkpoint. But falling off will remove all his progress and frustrate players.

According to a post by the developers of Only Up in Steam Community, the game will have checkpoint mechanics in the future. Then, players can continue their progress from the point they fall off.

How To To Beat Only Up?

It depends on your skill. If you do not fall off during your progress, it will take you around 40-120 minutes to reach the final point. But it's hard to complete this platformer game within the expected time as you cannot foresee a hidden trap on your way.

No Check Point
It may take you some hours to complete the path in Only Up.

That's why, this platformer simulation game often takes players 4 or 5 hours to beat it on average. Many players even gave up early. But lots of players have completed the path in a short time. In specific, the current speedrun world record in Only Up is 18 minutes.

How To Beat Only Up Faster?

There are many jump pads on the way you reach the top point, such as beds and trampolines. You can use these pads to jump up high and skip specific locations. However, timing and calculating the distance are essential skills to avoid jumping back to the starting point.

Jump And Move Carefully
Jump and move carefully to overcome obstacles and reach higher points.

Previously, there was a hidden elevator that brought lots of players to reach the top quickly. But it was erased. Now, you can only speed up your tour by using jumping pads.

What's At The End Of The Path?

Once you complete the Only Up path, you will meet an astronaut who gives you a spaceship. He also talks about the never-ending obstacles in real life. When we keep moving and overcoming these obstacles, we can achieve the goals like in this game. That's the lesson this platformer simulation game wants to convey to players.

Only Up Astronaut
If you do not give up, you will meet an astronaut at the game-ending point.

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