If you are a fan of the RPG genre but often find yourself too busy to dedicate dozens of hours to a game, Archlion Saga from KEMCO might be just what you need. Described as a "pocket-sized" RPG, the game strives to deliver an accessible and stress-free experience. It was originally released on mobile platforms early last year and was relatively well-received, with moth users complimenting its easy-going nature. Now, Archlion Saga is making its way to Nintendo Switch this Thursday, the 18th of July. Check out its trailer below:

The plot puts you in the role of the Archlion King, who must now set out on an adventure to prevent a world-devouring serpent from, well, devouring the world. It also promises lots of "emotion and accomplishment", which seems nice.

The gameplay also keeps up with the easy-going spirit, providing you with a guide to make sure that you’ll never get lost. Leveling up and upgrading gear are incredibly straightforward as well.  The idea behind Archlion Saga is that it delivers a full RPG experience without requiring you to invest hundreds of hours of your life, so you can pretty much finish it in just an afternoon or so.

Archilionsaga 830x467
A light-hearted adventure that you can complete in just a few hours

As a result, it’s probably most suitable for newcomers to the genre, or fans who now struggle to justify spending too much time on a single video game.

Archlion Saga is hitting Switch this Thursday. It will have a price tag of £4.49 (Rs 385), but right now it is available for pre-order at a discounted rate of £3.14 (Rs 270). The game is also up on Google Play and the App Store for those who want to get it for their mobile devices.

Archlion Saga
The game is available on mobile right now and is coming to Switch soon

In a busy world like the one where are currently living in, the idea of a stress-free RPG that can be played on-the-go will no doubt be appealing to many people, so look forward to Archlion Saga’s launch on Switch, or get the mobile version right now.