Warsaw is the new turn-based tactical RPG inspired by the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. In a war-torn city during World War II, players will be the leader of a small group of soldiers and civilians. Your mission is to take advantage of their unique abilities to fight against the armies that are besieging your city.

Warsaw 4
A new game by Pixelated Milk.

Developer Pixelated Milk has recently released a new trailer for Warsaw along with an official launch date. Let's take a look at it to get a vibe of the devastating environment of the game.

Many people may recognize the common between this title and Valiant Heart in terms of graphic design. When it comes to gameplay,  however, Warsaw is actually a survival title, much like Darkest Dungeon or This War Of Mine.

Warsaw 1
The game is set in Warsaw during World War II.

In the cruel world of WWII, your group of people is short of almost everything, from food, weapons, to other resources, and you will be responsible for their survival. Sometimes, sacrifices are required, but you need to ensure that wouldn't be meaningless ones by using them to protect other people, or seeking for supplies, or fighting against Nazis. Besides, the whole affair has a grim feeling to it, given that the real Warsaw Uprising in history was not successful.

Warsaw 2
Ensure your own survival by fighting against the Nazis.

Warsaw requires both of your management and fighting skill to handle its story. You will supervise the revolution at the headquarter by providing your troops with equipment and training, as well as tending to their other needs. Afterward, you have to send them out on various missions, many of which will put you in turn-based combat against the lethal Nazis. Don't let these infantries, specialized troops, heavily armed forces or armored vehicles stop you from achieving your ultimate goal: to be the survivors of occupied Warsaw of 1944.

The game will hit Steam on September 4.