From the first looks of it, you can see the apparent similarities between Paper Mario and Scrap Story. But this new title has something unique of its own as well.

A great game with Paper Mario aesthetic

With a different setting and cast, this new adventure will take you on an animated and vibrant story through various mixed media made from paper and cardboard.

Scrapstory 1
Scrap Story is a whole great new game with a cute paper aesthetic.

Scrap Story took Paper Mario's foundation and used it like launching platform. And it has launched wonderfully to become a whole great new game around that cute paper aesthetic.

From the demo teaser of the game that you could try out right now, you will be able to explore and gather eight hidden fruits. But to do that you might need to smash few cardboards, use them to make paper airplanes or pirouettes.

Scrap Story
The game features beautiful 2.5D graphics

The most impressive thing about the teaser is that enchanting world and those adorable inhabitants. This game is totally cute.

 Scrap Story

Scrap Story features lots of things; there is a turn-based attack system that you can play with partners. A pleasant journey needs friends to share with right?

If that is not enough yet, there is also the "Guest Cards' for you to collect. Just be helpful to the villagers and give them cute gifts and you might receive one of those cards. You could use them in battle and invite a guest to help you out, but that guest maybe busy and couldn't help you. They have a life, you know.

Scrapstory 3
Just be helpful to the villagers and give them cute gifts. Who needs a friend?

You might need to wait for them in a few turns, or perhaps they will not show up at all. I think it is a pretty hilarious feature.

To summarise, this game has a great charm and personality that makes it an excellent match for lighthearted RPGs and Paper Mario games!