Move away, Mario. And you too, the Crash Team. A new kid kart racer is joining the race, and he isn't just a normal kid! It's Ryan from Ryan ToysReview, and he's introducing his first racing game!

The game's name is Race With Ryan, and here's the trailer for you:

Race With Ryan is a good game to play with your kids

If you don't know who on Earth is Ryan, it's very likely that you haven't got any child yet. Ryan is a phenomenal content creator on Youtube, owning the 20-million-subscriber channel Ryan ToysReview. His channel sustainably gives him over a billion views per months, and it's not likely to drop in the near future.

Race With Ryan Released In November 1
Ryan is an extremely popular face among the kids these days!

The special thing about him is that he achieved this huge success at the age of eight! And he doesn't just stop there. Outright Games has worked with PocketWatch Games - the developer that focuses on making games for kids and their families - to bring this Ryan the first game in his toy world: Race With Ryan!

The game takes the inspiration from the epic kart racing games such as Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and other games with the same nature.

To be more specific, players are given a pool of characters to choose from. And as they choose their racers, the race will begin in one of six distinctive maps of your choices. Those maps include The Toy Shop, Ryan’s Playroom, Wild West and Spooky Land. All of the maps look very vibrant, which is very attracting to your kids.

Race With Ryan Released In November 1
Choose from a lot of characters and get the race started

The gameplay of Race With Ryan is quite simple. If you're sick of holding the 'up' button, then the game provides you will an option to toggle automatic acceleration. Furthermore, the game also provides a tutorial at start, so parents that have little experience of playing video games might follow very easily.

Additionally, the game supports up to 4 players playing split screen at the same time  That's why I said the game is good to play among family members.

Race With Ryan Released In November 2
The game supports 4-player competitive racing on one screen

However, if you're a hardcore gamer, here's the candy for you. Like many kart racing games, Race With Ryan features the Mystery Eggs which will give you random loots. It might be the Burger Shields, Sticky Slime, or the Trick Surprise Eggs, etc.

Race With Ryan Released In November 3
The Mystery Eggs give out random loots

Consequently, Race With Ryan promises to be a great mean of entertainment after hours of hardcore grinding in the workplace!

When will it come out?

Race With Ryan is due out on November 1, 2019. It will be released to PS4 first, and PC, Xbox One and Switch might get the game later.

And with the game's support for a wide range of devices, every family can enjoy the in-house racing without any problems!