Street Kart Racing from developer Fat Cigar feels like it’s been under development forever, and in the mobile gaming world, over 3 years IS pretty much forever. The first time we heard about this game was all the way back in February 2016, and then in August of the same year we got the news that it was entering beta testing.

We heard a bit more about Street Kart Racing in December 2017 when Fat Cigar announced that it planned to release an open beta for the game. And indeed, last summer Street Kart Racing was soft-launched in certain regions. Since then, Fat Cigar has been working tirelessly to polish the game and ensure that it will deliver an outstanding kart racing simulation experience.

Street Kart Racing Race
The game was soft-launched a while ago, and now it is officially launching globally

Now, all that is seemingly going to pay off, as the studio has officially confirmed that Street Kart Racing is launching globally next month. Alongside that announcement, we also got a new trailer for the game. Check it out below:

Right off the bat, the trailer warns that this game is “Not for Wimps!", and it really means it. Fat Cigar has reportedly spent the last 3 years working with actual professional racers to make sure that everything in Street Kart Racing looks and feels as realistic as possible.

Depending on what you expect from a racing simulation title, this news could be either great or horrible. This is not the kind of game where you just jump straight in and start drifting like you were born with that talent. In order to be successful, you’ll need to put in quite a lot of dedication and practice. You know, just like racing in real life.

Street Kart Racing
The game aims to deliver a realistic and hardcore racing experience

So if a hardcore racing experience is your cup of tea, look forward to Street Kart Racing’s arrival in August. In the meantime, you can go to its official website for more information.