Another Starlit game is set to be launched on Google Play and App Store at the end of this month. Starlit On Wheels, the title in question, is a kart racing game and also the third in line of the famous Starlit series following Starlit Adventure and Starlit Archery. It is set to launch on January 31.

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Test your skills on the game's various tracks

Starlit boasts an impressive download rate of more than 10 million on both PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. The series main protagonists, Bo, Pikke, and Kikki, as well as the antagonist Nuru, will all join a kart race on extremely challenging tracks.

Starlit On Wheels Official Trailer

Both the transports and the characters in the game can be customized to have different speed and ways to accelerate. Players can take advantage of this feature to come up with their own strategy to be the first to reach the finishing line. Moreover, racing is not the only thing you can do in Starlit On Wheel. As if the 128 tracks are not enough to entertain players, the game features a complete editor function so that you can design your own tracks and share them with the whole community. There is more. Each week, one track is chosen for the in-game Cup.

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Both the transports and the characters in the game can be customized

The series revolves around the adventures of Starlits, dwellers of Starlit, an airborne island in the sky. Life went on peacefully for them until the villain Nuru stole all of their stars. When the Starlits lost them, they become weary and sleepy. So Bo and Kikki use what's left to make their way to Low Land to defeat Nuru and save their homeland. They embark on an adventure that requires them to travel to several worlds where bizarre creatures live. This worldwide launch is not everything Rockhead, the Brazilian studio that created the series Starlit, intends to do with Starlit On Wheel. The future also holds some new extensions and updates along with related events.