Here are a few useful tricks that would help you in eradicating all the enemy of the mushroom world - they are pretty useful in all game mode and all skill levels. Dr. Mario World would never be the same after this!

Control your pills before placing

You should rotate your pills before sending them down on the field. It’s preferable to do it before using it because the pill will start moving right away so it is hard to control if the thing is already inside the board. Since you cannot move the pill back, changing their directions prior to deployment is recommended.

Pill Rotation
Rotate your pills

Manually fix the pill

Drag the targets to wherever you want it to go before it strikes another object. Speed and precision are important, especially in timed stages or PVP competitive matches. Furthermore, you should be able to move the pill to the spot that it can’t occupy normally. Any stray pills can be subjected to this.

Move Pill Directly
Try to move the pills directly

Half pills work similarly 

Occasionally you would get a random half pill when a row is deleted with the other half. Tap it and relocate it to some other locations. Here is an example. There are two half pills with the red one is being interacted directly.

Hold Half Pill
Make use of half pill

Assistants are needed

Up to 2 Assistants can be assigned. They are a big help in clearing levels. 1 assistant slot can be unlocked during playing, but the other must be bought with money.

There are 2 types of assistant: Goombas will increase your score and grants a 4% odds to fill your fight meter on taking damage from the opponent in versus mode. Blooper gives you a small chance to get the same color.

There are three characters that you can choose in the starter list: Peach, Bowser, and Mario. They all have different skills and abilities. Pick one based on your preferences but please be aware that the same characters can have different skills in stage and online versus mode.