Dr. Mario World, the newest mobile game from Nintendo, is now available for iOS with an Android version expected to follow in the near future. As you probably already know, this new game is based on the 1990 NES game Dr. Mario, which has been remade/relaunched plenty of times for different Nintendo consoles the past 3 decades.

Similar to its predecessor, Dr. Mario World is a matching puzzle game that is kind of a combination between Tetris and Candy Crush. As Dr. Mario (or some other characters), you are presented with a board that represents the inside of the patient’s body. Viruses of multiple colors have made their home there, and it’s your job to throw in pills – which also come in several colors – and arrange them so that they line up with the virus of the same color. If you successfully do so (it’s quite easy, really), the virus will be destroyed.

Dr. Mario World trailer

That said, this release also adds some new gameplay features. The first thing to mention is that the controls have adopted a drag-and-drop mechanic instead of requiring you to manipulate the pills like Tetris blocks. This is a welcome change, no doubt, as this touch-based control stream is a lot more intuitive, allowing you to play while holding the phone with only one hand.

Dr Mario World Shots
This new release comes with plenty of new features

You can also call on other characters from the Mario universe such as Peach and Bowser for help. Each of these characters has their own unique abilities to make the whole virus-killing affair easier. Nintendo also promises that it’ll constantly keep the game updated with new characters in the future.

Dr Mario 900x
You can choose from several familiar characters from the Mario universe

There are multiplayer aspects in Dr. Mario World as well, which allow you to pick your favorite character to compete against another player. We’ve covered this before, so you can check out our previous article here for more details.

Dr. Mario World is currently available on the App Store as a free-to-play game. As expected, in-game purchases will be included, which allows you to unlock more characters and upgrades.