Originally announced back in February, Dr. Mario World is an upcoming mobile game inspired by the classic puzzle game Dr. Mario released by Nintendo back in 1990. Now, this new game has just received a brand new trailer, which showcases its multiplayer elements for the very first time. Check it out below:

The gameplay of Dr. Mario World will still follow the addictive Tetris/match-three formula of the original Dr. Mario, with you assuming the role of a doctor and have to destroy all the viruses on the board. To do this, you will have pills of multiple colors and have to match them with viruses of the same color to make them disappear.

That said, some components have been tweaked to make the game more suitable to the mobile platform. For example, the control scheme will now feature a touchscreen-friendly drag-and-tap mechanic in which you drag the pills around to put it in the desired position and tap on it if you want to rotate it.

Dr Mario Gameplay
Classic gameplay inspired by the original Dr. Mario, but with a touch-friendly control scheme

The new trailer sheds some more light on the multiplayer aspect of Dr. Mario World. The highlight here is undoubtedly a Versus mode that allows you to pick from an assortment of familiar characters from the Mario universe to compete against another player. Basically, you will play as normal, but every time you successfully get rid of a virus, you’ll start to fill your Attack Meter. Once it’s full, you will send some viruses to your opponent’s board. Keep doing so and eventually their board will overflow, thus winning you the game.

Dr Mario World Multiplayer 1280x720
Compete against another player in the Versus mode

Each character comes with their own unique ability as well. Princess Peach can make a random row on the board disappear, while Toad can remove 5 random objects. Not only that, but they also have varying stats that affect the match. Those with a high attack rating can send more viruses to the opponent. Vice versa, a high defense rating means you have some degree of immunity to them.

Dr. Mario World is set to launch next week on July 10 on both Google Play and the App Store as a free game with IAPs. According to Nintendo, the game will have 5 worlds upon release and more levels will be coming in future updates.