Crystal Crisis has previously come out for PS4 and Switch in May. Immediately, it gained a lot of high rewards for its quirky visual and gameplay.

And now, the title is heading to PC with a discount! And you should be quick to pre-order this game since it's officially coming out really soon!

While you're still hesitating, let's watch the gameplay of Crystal Crisis through this trailer:

Crystal Crisis is a 1v1 combat game, but not with kicks, punches or shooting.

According to the developer Nicalis, Crystal Crisis is a "cute and chaotic new color-matching ONLINE combat game".

Crystal Crisis Pc Steam Preorder 1
Crystal Crisis is a product from Nicalis Inc.

That was a solid description from Nicalis about this game. The description has packed all of the most important features in the game. However, if you want more specific details, continue reading.

Crystal Crisis provides you with a colorful world with many famous characters. They include Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story, Astro Boy and Black Jack from Tezuka Productions and many more.

Crystal Crisis Pc Steam Preorder 3
A lot of characters make their appearance in Crystal Crisis

You can choose from all those characters to get on the 1 vs 1 showdown to find out who is the stronger. However, you will not hit many buttons to command your character kick, punch or shoot your opponents. Instead, you'll play on the enjoyable the color-matching competition.

To be more specific, the game takes the good old match-three mechanics. When you make a successful combination of three same colors, you'll fill up the "Burst" gauge that allows you to perform powerful attacks and the defensive moves as well.

Crystal Crisis Pc Steam Preorder 4
Fill the Burst gauge to perform powerful blows

Basically, its gameplay is very similar to Dr. Mario World, apart from the characters' special abilities. Instead, the combos and crashes will give your characters different abilities, so it's fascinating in another way.

Dr Mario World Multiplayer 1280x720
It's somewhat similar to Dr. Mario World in gameplay

The attacks' animations from the characters are very colorful and detailed, and you won't be disappointed about it!

Support both local and online multiplayer mode

What's fun playing a combat game without your friends and family members?

With Crystal Crisis, you can either invite your friends to your cozy place to get on the local match or invite them to join an online match.

Crystal Crisis Pc Steam Preorder 2
The game supports both local and online multiplayer play

And if won't have to feel insulting when inviting a color-blind friend to play this game. Crystal Crisis features a color-blind mode, which makes the crystals' colors easier to notice for color-blind people.

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Pre-order now to get a 25% discount

Crystal Crisis will officially come out for PC through Steam on July 31. At launch, it will have a price of $19.99. However, if you pre-purchase the game right now, you can get a 25% discount, which cut the price to only $14.99.

It's still plenty of time left, so consider your decision carefully!